Artemis of the Blue Fan-Game  by VTuber Numachi Tamanegi! It took me 3 days and was lots of fun to do. I hope people enjoy the game, If you want to see how I made it, I have a video explaining the process.

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v1.2 update changelog - 11/21/2020

  • fixed the bug that would considerably lag up the game as the game progressed. IT WAS THOSE DAMN BUBBLES IN THE BACKGROUND!

v1.1 update changelog - 11/18/2020

  • Added "safe-spaces" - making the first click always have no mine.
  • Increased difficulty to 8
  • Renamed "Frequency" to "ATK Delay" to avoid confusion. It actually changes the frequency of her shooting.. so 1 would mean she fires every second, while a 0.5 means she fires every half a second.
Updated 9 days ago
Published 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorNumachi Tamanegi
Made withPICO-8
Tagsartemis, artemis-of-the-blue, virtual-youtuber, vtuber


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this is so fun! and definitely difficult with max settings haha

Really incredible! Fun genre mashup, can't believe it's a Pico-8!

The concept is awesome! I love this game! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

This is amazing! Great concept, great execution! :)

WOAW incredible game, il love the idea :)
Please can you share also a .p8 file or source file ?
I'm only playing games on my TV with an libretro emulator, and i can't do it without P8 file :(

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Bullet hell x minesweeper - fantastic mashup!

Here's a 1 minute speedrun of the game:




really brilliant idea! it's fun to play but I'd love to see more, ie a larger board, easier chord mechanics and even items - this has a lot of potential but an amazing proof of concept as is

You should go try DemonCrawl then. It's what happens when a dev realizes that minesweeper is a roguelike and goes ham with that concept. The only major downsides are the grinding and the requiring to go infinite in the end game.

I love demoncrawl, it's one of my favourite games right now. This game could definitely take inspiration from it but I have no doubts it could built into it's own niche as well



спасибо, что вернули меня в детство


thanks for child memories


THis is really fun! and hard! and fun!


Poggers to you too


This game is p o g . 10/10


This is really cool idea but one problem I have is it doesn't seem like the cursor's hitbox is at the tip. It seems intuitive to me to make sure the tip doesn't touch anything, but for some reason I kept getting hit. Is it in the middle?

I had the same issue.  It seems to me like the entire curser might be the hitbox?

I think so, but the little stick at the end of the cursor doesn't seem to have a hitbox

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So, yes. I come from Twitter after seeing this. All I can say is.... MINESWEEPER.

But it do feels different from the usual minesweeper, idk, perhaps because I'm not used to play this? (not counting the bullet hell mechanism)

Edit: I notice what's wrong from Varler comment below, there are no first safe space!

One issue I have with it is that the first move isn't always safe.  In classic Minesweeper, if your first move is a bomb it removes it and makes it a safe space.

Anyway, sweet idea for a game and nice job making it so quickly!


Ah yes, this!

I was wondering that there seems to be something wrong, but yeah it this one. There's no safe space!


tbh i didnt know that minesweeper actually did that! i didnt even play actual minesweeper while working on this game... anyways! i updated it and added that feature! so yeah

Awesome!  Thanks for the update!  :)

Could we get a desktop version?


i didn't even know i could export it as a desktop version til now! I just uploaded versions for desktop

Thank you ^_^

Really cool! I didn't expect much, but it's an interesting twist on the classic minesweeper, without destroying the original concept. I always loved playing the original, but this (which could easily be a mobile game, the touch controls already work in browser) is just amazing. Following :)