Warning: This game contains bright and flashing lights that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

A Hololive Fan-game by swamp_kun!  Inspired by the popular Watame no Uta segment, Tsunomaki Janken! 

Are you a pro enough gamer to defeat the GOD of rock paper scissors? Comment your high scores bellow! 

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Having a hard time? Here's a hint:

Hint AHer first throw is always a rock.
Hint BLook for the arm that's out of sync
Hint CAt the later stages, the correct hand is the one with a slight jitter as it reaches the highest or lowest point of its float animation


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one of them has twice the chance

still can't understand the second hint

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Fun little game. Didn't know what the hint means till I finish the game

Kinda strange how the A.I only uses paper at the very end. Basically means you can spam rock until then, save for the start.

I finally won after 12 mins

the only game where I don't mind losing because it's still fun